Singer - Rapper - Songwriter

Yeye from Africa

“Yeye from Africa” is the first track on her debut EP “See No Evil”

As the song title already reveals, “Yeye fromAfrica” is a tribute to her African roots. The lyrics describe some of the situations and clichés encountered by people of African descent living in Europe with a lot of humour.  But Yetundey would not be Yetundey if she were to stick to the Afrobeat drum rhythms you hear at the beginning. “Yeye from Africa” offers a taste of Africa within a synthesized Elektro European sound.

This is exactly the freedom Yeye claims the right to: No borders, no classification. She is both European and African, therefore international.  Depending which perspective you are looking from, she either belongs to a minority or a majority. Yetundey is a citizen of the world. Music knows no borders, no separation, no discrimination.

And with this EP she asks you see no evil in her multitudinousness, nor in her love for both diversity and composites in music and in life.