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05 Nov 2019

Alyona Alyona

09 Nov 2019
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Yetundey is new, sassy, bold and somewhat unconventional.

This hip-hop artist is full of surprises; every song is a new encounter.  Some might call her music eclectic, others experimental, it is certainly fusional.

Yetundey released her debut EP "See No Evil" in January 2018.

This five track EP was hailed "a surprising and absorbing output" by IndieBerlin. Yetundey defies confinement into a particular rap genre. Her "chameleon-style", as coined by Missy Magazine, is the distinctive feature of Yetundey's crossover music.

If one were to compare Yetundey’s music to food, one could say the main ingredient is hip-hop. 

Beyond that, it all depends on her mood. If she feels like cooking African, she might start off by adding a handful of humour and some hot pepper beats, but then sprinkle a spoonful of electro-scythes for the young European palate and finish off with a twist of dancehall. Thus ending up with “Yeye From Africa”.

Listening to Yetundey’s music is like being invited to a 5 course meal that will take you on a gustatory journey across several continents. Each dish can give you a taste of different regions of the same country.

The cake base for the songs “What We Want” & “Terrorist” is trap, but in the one she pours in electro-pop while in the other, it’s 808 till you drop and a cupful of UK grime. With “Djinn”, Yetundey creates a sorbet covered in a coulis of pentatonic scales and Middle Eastern melody that make forget you are listening to rap.

Yetundey can also serve you a classic  hip-hop track like  “Big City Life”,  where the focus is on the lyrics, and the message is accentuated by a pinch of pop. On the other hand, the single “Tropical Storm” is a piece of pop oozing with emotion.

While “Money” offers a sweet-bitter flavour more adapted to the young adult pallet, “Welcome to the Jungle” offers popping, fizzing and crackling sensations directed at a younger and wilder savourer.
Yetundey released her latest single "Haunted House" on October 26th 2018.                               

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