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Welcome To The Jungle

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Welcome to the jungle we live in

“Welcome to the Jungle” is one of Yetundey’s latest singles. The storm has intensified, “here comes the hurricane!”  Get ready to be blown off your seat and straight onto the dancefloor! Welcome to the Jungle gets you nodding, bobbing, popping and jumping. ‘Cos it’s fun!  

The lyrics combined with the drive of the song revive and set free the merry, carefree and playful child within. Yet beneath this happy-go-lucky surface of “Welcome To The Jungle” lays a thick layer of social criticism.

Yetundey’s song “What We Want” from her EP See No Evil epitomizes the loss of certain values in our society in a very direct manner. “Welcome To The Jungle” shares the same topic. Yetundey denounces an insane society full of violence, fornication, drugs and apathy. It is a jungle where throwing things at strangers is not only tolerated but even recommended. Welcome into a world in which people rich enough to eat diamonds are at liberty to throw their garbage out the window onto those below. And if you are wondering what that’s all about, then consider what happens to industrialised countries’ plastic waste, e -waste, toxic-waste, or lead waste, just to name a few.

Some might call the world we live in “a real disgrace to the human and to the primate race, a waste.” Yet most would “rather play, eat some junk food and wash it down with bottle of champagne”, than wonder why Tarzan left his jungle when he saw us come into it. In the French part, Yetundey postulates that “this jungle was not made for the wise.”

Welcome to the Jungle! Now “climb on the roof, punch your chest and say hu!”