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Tropical Storm

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Tropical Storm, it rages within

Yetundey’s  single “Tropical Storm” introduces a Yetundey flirting with mainstream Pop. After untouchable Djinn that no man can own, we are lead into the intimacy of a woman burning with passion. “Tropical Storm” is as hot as the desert and as wet as its title. We are no longer in the presence of the strong and untameable woman. Yetundey engages us with her sensual vibes. This time around we share the ebb and flow of a voluptuous and vulnerable woman’s passion. Desire and yearning resonate in the voice while storm rages. With “Tropical Storm”,  Yetundey might be showing us the hidden side of the indomitable Djinn. Implacable and confident as a woman may be, once the fire starts burning and the hot tropical rain starts falling, the storm blows compellingly within.

Sehnsucht und Begierde

“Yetundey kann auch dramatisch, wie die epische R’n’B-Ballade Tropical Storm beweist – Ein Song mit Chart-Potential.” (DER ALBRECHT)