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About the music

Yetundey can spit equally in English, French and German. Her music aims to increase social awareness through humour and satire.Serious topics — easily digestible. Yetundey plays with words, occasionally pushing it close to the edge of political correctness but only to sarcastically mirror and evaluate current events, trends and inequity like racial issues within our modern society. She hopes to fight fears of certain cultural
influences and of expressions by naming them andembedding them into her music.

Her multicultural background is largely reflected in her music. She moves with the times and simultaneously stays true to the roots of Hiphop. She incorporates musical influences and styles from around the world such as Asia, America and obviously Africa and Europe. The debut EP “See No Evil” was developed in collaboration with young aspiring German producers and the renowned UK producer Nat Powers.


“(…) a surprising and  absorbing output that you’ll want to rewind and replay as soon as it ends.” – Indie Berlin


“(…) deep basses with elements of Afro-beats, trap and UK-grime, with enormous diversity” – Radio Fritz –


„Yetundey kann keinem Rap-Genre zugeordnet werden. Ihr Chamäleon-Style funktioniert in allen Rap-Genres (…)“ – Missy Magazine

Yetundey - Berlin
Yetundey's Single Tropical Storm
Halloween special Single
Yetundey recording Djinn Live Band Version
Djinn Band Version - Yetundey's 1st Single
Welcome to the Jungle - Yetundey

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